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The Problem

Adding a winch to a vehicle is a pain.

Major vehicle modifications are typically needed.

The Winch line gets tangled and unbalanced

under use. The front bumper is not always an

ideal recovery point. Line length limitations

restrict optimum anchor points.

Winch capacity drops as line spools in.

Ugly jeep bumber.png

The Solution

Rescue Winch is a hand-powered portable

recovery tool.

Its compact dimensions make it easy to pack

with other gear in the vehicle.

Off-roaders can enjoy the journey, knowing if

they get stuck; they have a Rescue.

How it works

The patented continuous capstan mechanism pulls the rope. An idler drum allows the line to wrap over the power

drum multiple times. With each wrap, the tension in the line drops exponentially. By the last wrap, the tension is less than 5 lb. At this tension, the friction of the slack side tensioner is easily able to provide enough tension to keep the line from slipping. After the tensioner, the rope spills out of the mechanism onto the ground. After recovery, the rope

is stored back in the Rescue Winch bag, much like a climbing rope.

Key Features:

Setup and teardown are quick, as the rope is managed free of the mechanism before and after recovery. A battery or corded drill may be used, or a provided hand crank--you will never be caught without a form of recovery.

-Drill (battery/corded) or manually powered

-Mechanism capable of unlimited rope length 

- Consistent pull tension in all situations

- Total Pack Weight: 25 lb

- Dimensions: 13.88 in X 10 in X 3.82 in

-10,000 pound capacity (triple line pull)

-Grab and go packability

unlimited line length for long distance recovery
Lateral support, pulling vehicle back onto trail
up righting vehicle after rollover


3,500 lb Single Line (UTV)

7,000 lb One snatch block (MID-SIZE)

10,000 lb Two snatch blocks (Full-SIZE)

Line Speed:

3 ft/min manually, 27 ft/min drill


Unlimited ft/min free-spool and overrun unwind

and deploy

Contact Us Today
Rescue Winch is not available for purchase... Yet. We are working hard to get our first batch to manufacturing. Please submit your info below to be the first to know when Rescue Winch is available. 
Also, please register interest in sales, distribution, or strategic partnership opportunities.

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Meet The Team


Michael Hall



Daniel Boyer



Tyler Thomas

Lead Engineer


Vicente Oliviera

Production Manager

Total Accessible Market

Global winch market $15 B





Prototypes in field testing.

Shown to potential customers at

Overland Expo, SLC.

Product launch at SEMA Nov 2021

Drill powered model Launch at Sema 2022

Strategic partners or investment

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